Cardiac Imaging

Anyone Can Have Heart Disease​

Every 12 minutes one person in Australia dies from cardiovascular disease.
Many heart diseases can be prevented, and even after diagnoses many can be treated and managed effectively.

But for treatment to work, you need that diagnosis.

A 15 Minute Scan Could Save Your Life

Accounting for nearly 25% of deaths in Australia, cardiovascular disease is one of our largest health problems.

Our Cardiac Imaging could provide you with the diagnosis you need to access the treatment that’s right for you. 

At Central Queensland Radiology, we offer a range of cardiac imaging services in a caring and compassionate environment, to assist your GP or Specialist in accurately providing a diagnosis and developing a treatment plan.

CT Calcium Score

A screening test that measures the level of calcium in the walls of the blood vessels in the heart to estimate an individuals risk of cardiovascular disease.

CT Coronary Arteries

A computed tomography scan that takes pictures or angiograms of the arteries of the heart, investigating any issues or disease that may lead to a heart attack.

Myocardial Perfusion

A scan used to show how well blood is flowing through the heart, to determine if and where there may be any blockages to blood supply.


A non-invasive exam that uses ultrasound to image the heart to provide real time and accurate images of the heart chambers and muscles as well as other structures within the heart.

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