in Diagnostics

We provide comprehensive cardiac imaging to evaluate heart disease.

Supportive atmosphere with high-quality women’s imaging service.

Assessment, Treatment and Management using advanced Image-Guidance.

Services including 3D imaging for the lower face, teeth, jaw and sinuses.

Specialists in occupational imaging and scans for worker’s compensation.

Catering for the sport imaging needs of elite and recreational athletes.

CT Scans use advanced technology to show all types of body structure at once.

We perform many image-guided examinations and procedures including biopsies.

Measurement of your bone mineral density using DEXA technology.

We ensure maximum image quality across our range of diagnostic x-ray services.

Our MRI services provide great detail of tissue and surrounding structures.

We provide real-time pictures of the body using high frequency sound waves.

Vision and values

Imaging Queensland is proud to be part of the Integral Diagnostics Group. Collectively we share in a united vision of a healthier world. Our shared values underpin our purpose to deliver the best health outcomes for our patients.

Imaging Queensland Network

Imaging Queensland is a major provider of advanced diagnostic imaging services and radiology education across Queensland. Unified by a single vision and common goals, all sites work together as one organisation to provide exceptional service to both referring doctors and patients.  

Our Imaging Queensland network comprises practices from across the Sunshine Coast, under the Sunshine Coast Radiology brand, Central Queensland under the Central Queensland Radiology brand and Northern Brisbane under the IQ Radiology brand. We also have specialist practices including Breast Diagnostic Specialists, Integrated Pain Management, Queensland Nuclear Medicine and Advanced Women’s Imaging.