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Occupational Imaging

Central Queensland Radiology has a clinical specialisation in diagnostic imaging for occupational workers, providing highly specialised chest x-rays to workers at risk of lung diseases.

What is Occupational Imaging?

Occupational lung diseases are often caused by accumulative inhalation of dust including silicates, carbon, and quartz. Lung Diseases include silicosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary, emphysema, diffuse dust-related fibrosis and the fibrotic lung diseases of Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis (CWP) as well as the most severe form, Progressive Massive Fibrosis (PMF).

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Why is Occupational Imaging done?

We are formally endorsed by Lungscreen Australia, as a quality provider of chest x-rays for Coal Mine Workers, in line with the Department of Natural Resources and Mines requirements under the Coal Mine Worker Health Scheme.

This relationship is based on our highly specialised and fully accredited Radiologists who provide diagnostic reporting and imaging, with an emphasis on occupational imaging.

We also are specialists in imaging, specifically for Worker’s Compensation claims to meet clinical requirements in collaboration with WorkCover Queensland.

About Your Test

Before your appointment

You will need a referral from your doctor to make an appointment. 

Upon receiving your referral, our Bookings Team will be able to help assist you in finding a time that works for you to have your test done.

There is no preparation needed for Occupational Imaging and no after effects. You will be able to go about your day as normal once the test has been completed.

On the day

All you need to do is arrive at the clinic at the time of your appointment.

Depending on the body part being examined, you may be required to wear a gown provided to you. We will request all jewellery and body piercings to be removed as they may impact the field of view.

After your appointment

After your scan you can go about your day as normal. 

Your images will be looked over by our Radiologists and a secure report and copy of the images will be provided to your referring practitioner. We will also provide you with a printed copy to take with you to your next appointment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no preparation needed and there are no after effects. Depending on the body part being examined, you may be required to wear a provided gown. We also request removal of jewellery and body piercing items which may be in the field of view. This makes interpretation of the images more accurate.

At Central Queensland Radiology practices we use the newest digital equipment for our X-rays. This means you can be sure you are receiving the lowest amount of radiation possible.

The radiation levels used in Digital General X-ray are so low that there is little to no health effects.

Our friendly radiography team will clearly explain what you have to do during the appointment. You may be asked to hold your breath for the x-ray or stay in a certain position, but you will be guided through the process.

Prior to your scan and to ensure optimal imaging, you may be asked to change into a gown. A change cubicle will be provided to ensure your privacy and you will be asked to bring your belongings will you, carry baskets are provided. You will be asked to place your belongings in a suitable location within the room for the duration of your scan. After your scan, you will be provided with a change cubicle to ensure your privacy. Please ensure you have all your belongings with you prior to leaving the department. If you accidentally leave anything behind, please contact our staff to advise and we will endeavour to locate your belongings and return them to you.

Your images and report are provided through a secure online system to your doctor or healthcare provider. We will also provide you with a printed copy to bring to your next appointment.

Our friendly reception staff will advise you on the cost of your procedure at the time of your booking. If your exam is Medicare eligible, you will be bulk billed.