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E-referrals are a streamlined and safe way to send referral requests reliably and securely. Set-up is straightforward and the e-referral is easily made within a patient’s record. We offer Best Practice via HealthLink to facilitate your e-referrals. 

Best Practice via HealthLink

How to configure e-referrals through
best practice

  1. Access the eOrdering setup screen (Select View > Contacts > Set Up > e-Ordering) on your practice server.
  2. Ensure Imaging is selected in the top right-hand corner. A list of imaging providers will be available.
  3. Search for your preferred Central Queensland Radiology provider (Sunshine Coast Radiology, Central Queensland Radiology) and click Add. Configuration settings for your preferred imaging provider
    will appear.

If you have Add/Edit/Delete Permissions set in your User
Preferences, you can add default preferences for your whole practice by configuring imaging provider details and clicking ‘Apply to All Users.’

You can also add preferences for other users by selecting them from the username menu.

Once the practice defaults are set, if you have Add/Edit/ Delete Permissions set for Own Preferences. You can change these settings as required.

  1. From the User name menu, select your username.
  2. Indicate whether Sunshine Coast Radiology is a preferred provider by checking the tick box.
  3. Select the layout as Default. The pre-printed stationary co-ordinate information will be pre-populated.
  4. Click Apply to All Users to apply the current imaging provider details to all users.
  5. Select Save.
snip configuring best practice

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to have your Best Practice software configured to send e-referrals. It is a very simple process and you can download a set-up guide here. Alternatively, fill in the form on this page to request help and our Client Liaison will be in contact with you.

Once set up you can complete your image request as you currently do in Best Practice. Simply click on the Imaging Request button. Under the provider drop-down menu, select us as the diagnostic provider and advise your patient that their details are being sent through to us. Then click print and send.

HealthLink’s software encrypts and securely transport the request to us. The request is saved in your patient’s record and a paper copy is available as a printable option.

HealthLink helps over 60,000 healthcare practitioners deliver certainty in care by enabling them to exchange patient information quickly, reliably and securely.

For queries, you can contact HealthLink Customer Care on 1800 125 036 or email

We will contact your patient as soon as the e-referral is received to arrange their appointment to help streamline the process and to minimise delays.

After their appointment their radiology images and report will come through to your practice via our normal delivery channels.

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