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Radiologist Profiles

Dr. Chris Yu

CitiScan Radiology

Dr. Chris Yu is a dual qualified radiologist and an accredited consultant in both radiology and nuclear medicine. Following graduation from Sydney University, Dr. Yu completed his radiology training and fellowship at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

Dr. Yu’s main interest is in Nuclear Medicine, cross-sectional CT and MRI imaging, particularly in musculoskeletal and oncology imaging. Currently, Dr. Yu is a staff specialist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital and is actively involved in registrar training and medical student teaching.

Dr. Paula Sivyer


Diagnostic Imaging For Women

Dr. Paula Sivyer is a renowned specialist in women’s imaging and interventional radiology. She has lectured extensively in the field of women’s imaging and intervention, both nationally and internationally and has been published in the World Journal of Surgery. Dr. Sivyer is also a Part II Viva examiner for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR). Dr. Sivyer is responsible for bringing numerous technologies, as well as imaging and intervention techniques to Australia, including 10-year-comparator digital imaging archive (2004), digital mammography (2007) and Hologic ‘Genius’ 3D mammography, which difw was the first to introduce in Australia in 2010.